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Completed your DENTISTRY/MBBS? Pursue the next level in GERMANY/CZECH REPUBLIC

Completed your DENTISTRY/MBBS? Pursue the next level in GERMANY/CZECH REPUBLIC

As widely known, not many countries have a mutual recognition of each other’s medical degrees; it becomes difficult to pursue Post Graduate Degrees at the country of one’s choice. But all is not lost; we have identified some of the options for Indian medical students, for them to pursue their Post Graduate studies in Medicine abroad.

“Build a path when you find the doors closed.”

And we have built such a path for you through which you can move ahead like an unstoppable breeze.
Listed below are some of the options.


Masaryk University is situated in the city of Brno. Brno is the second largest city of Czech Republic. Masaryk University is the 2nd Largest University in Czech Republic. The university offers a wide and dynamic choice of fields one may wish to pursue. With 9 Faculties and over 300 fields, there are ample options to choose from.

Masaryk University has been considered to be one of the best for Medicine and related programs. Around 85% students secure a job in the fields of their study with least of struggle.


       – Bachelor’s

          Prehistoric Archaeology of Near East

        – Master’s

                Prehistoric Archaeology of Near East

        – Bachelor’s

                English Language for Education

                English Language & Literature

     Medicine, Healthcare

       – Bachelor’s


       – Master’s


                General Medicine

        – Bachelor’s

                 English Language for Education

       – Bachelor’s

                 International Relations and European Politics

       – Bachelor’s


The above programs are offered in both English and Czech. The university offers 24 programs which are taught in English divided under 6 Faculties. An international student experiences an entirely international environment as around 20% students come from across the world holding different culture and traditions.

Cost of Living

Brno is the second largest city of Czech Republic. Czech Republic is cheaper as compared to other EU countries and Brno is even cheaper. The average cost of living for 1 month in Brno is EUR350.


In Czech Republic, a student is allowed to work part-time to earn a living but the work should never affect his/her studies as stated by Ministry. Through a part-time job in Czech a student can around nearly CZK100 per hour and during summer breaks or semester breaks, he/she can work full-time for 40 hours per week and earn up to CZK11000-CZK27889 for 40 hours.


Germany carries a vibrant and commendable history in its Education, Research and Technologies. Over the time various scientists and researchers have emerged and marked their place in the history of Germany. So we provide you with a special pathway through which you can start your practice in Germany as a doctor as soon as you reach there.

Program for Medical Students in Germany

Under this you can go to Germany with your Indian Medicine Degree and practice there as a Doctor without any further studies.


• Medicine Degree from recognized university/ college

• Certification from Medical Council of India or your home country

• English Language Proficiency

• German Language Knowledge (B2/C1 Level)

• Work Experience as a Doctor

So if you wish to accomplish your dreams under Medicine or any other program, Contact Us and discuss about everything you wish to know

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