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How to do Bachelors in Canada even if you don't have Math in 12th

How to do Bachelors in Canada even if you don't have Math in 12th

Going for a bachelor’s degree without Math is definitely possible in Canada. Few options are there.

Let’s see how to do it.

Take foundation Math subjects in 1st year & go for-

Pathway institutions- Example: Do the 1st year at Fraser international college leading to Simon Fraser University and similar institutions WITHOUT increasing duration or cost and finish bachelors with one of the top ranked universities.

BA with different specializations like (Economics); and later on move to Bachelors of Business in 2nd year

Conditional Admissions

For example- Math is needed for pursuing Nursing in Canada but few Colleges/Universities give you admission in pathway programs if you didn’t have Math in 12th.

Alternatively, all you need to do is- pass a Math test, which checks your conceptual knowledge of class 10th Mathematics. And then start your academic studies.

Do Bachelors in Canada even if you don’t have Math in 12th. Ask us how!



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