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28th July'21 (Wed) | 3:30 PM (AEST)


Yes, you heard it right! If you're thinking about kick-starting your career in Australia & are wondering if any internship programs can boost up your career then, you've reached the right place. The internship programs include a 12-week work placement to utilize the skills and knowledge you have developed at university.

Internship Highlights


Get a 12-week Internship in Australia


Extensive Network with 5600+ Companies across Australia


Wide range of disciplines for Internships


Installment Plan Available*

Who can apply?

  • Students already studying in Australia.
  • Students who wish to study in Australia or have plans to study in Australia.
  • Students studying in other countries but thinking about kick starting career in Australia.
  • Individuals or working professionals who are in the process of migrating to Australia.

What does the program include?

A Certified Online Course with a focus on

  • Australian Workplace Culture
  • Communication Etiquette
  • Interview Preparation
  • Resume Building & LinkedIn Content

Perks of the Program

  • You get familiarised with the Australian workplace culture
  • Learn the skills needed to be successful in a professional working environment
  • Join an industry-based internship that could be the gateway towards employment in Australia
  • Build a professional network in Australia
  • The program incorporates soft skills training that make fresh graduates job-ready.
  • Despite the pandemic, Tech platforms, start-ups, and several companies are still hiring employees.
  • Since remote work is the new normal, it does not matter if the candidate is in another country; if they prove their capability, they can be hired wherever they are.
  • Since their exposure is to international companies, they would get certified, which will help them get jobs in India.
  • Their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and interview skills will be available to companies globally.
  • They will build their network outside India, leading to a full time paid job.
  • Since Borders are closed, and there is limited talent available, this self-improvement program can go a long way in preparing them for the future.

Choose an internship of
your choice with SIEC

  • Engineering
  • Business & Marketing
  • Aged & Disability Care
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Architecture
  • Statistics
  • Hospitality Management
  • Food & Beverage
  • Informatics
  • Computer Sciences
  • Technical Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior design
  • IT
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Human Resources
  • Front Office
  • Commerce
  • Tele counseling
  • Events
  • Public Health
  • Finance
  • Journalism
  • Tourism


I am not used to talking to professsionals or public speaking. But I am a Masters student. I need to learn these skills in order to improve myself and get successful in my career, which is true for everyone.
Thank you SIEC for given me the chance to learn all this through your internship program. I have almost become comfortable with sharing my views in a professional manner with others and will join as an intern in my dream role soon. Thank you to the team at SIEC who correctly identified where I needed help and pushed me in the right direction. I look forward to also getting your help to continue my journey in Australia.

Sahil Adlakonda

Majority of international students coming to australia not only want good education but also a great job where they can apply their education. However, as international students with several visa restrictions, companies in Australia sometimes struggle with providing great opportunities to us and that means high rate of unemployment among international students. SIEC has identified this bottleneck and come up with an internship program that not only prioritizes international students but also gives them a platform to flaunt their skills and be ahead in the race of employment. I got a chance to intern at an amazing company because of them who supports international talent and very grateful to also get hired in that same company after my internship. This wouldn't have been possible without SIEC. What applying non stop to companies for one whole year couldn't do for me, SIEC has helped me achieve more than that in mere 3 months. I highly recommend students struggling to find good opportunities in their own field to go to SIEC experts and let them handle your problem of finding and joining great companies.

Meghana Karande

Coming to Australia during the start of the pandemic was not easy. Getting an internship as a student during these circumstances was a nightmare. But Internships are very important to perform during our course to get familiar with the Australian culture and network to get that full time job. With the help of SIEC, despite this pandemic, I have been able to find a way to get an internship in a field that I am passionate about i.e. Engineering Management. I have reached to the interview stages and I am enjoying learning to present myself to the professional world and will be getting placed in a company of my choice soon. Glad to have found an opportunity through SIEC. Thank you

Aniruddh Gurram

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