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Rishav Jindal, GT

My name is Rishav Jindal, here's a small journey on the boat of SIEC. I appeared for my GT and cracked it with unexpected score. I score overall L-8.5, R-8, W-7, S-7. I extend my heartiest greatfullness for the same. My journey was overall great. Instructor helped me formalize and think deeply about the way to achieve good bands. Instructors engage properly with all students online and offline. SIEC is always willing to help students if they are falling behind. Overall great sessions and great instructor, I will definitely recommend this to upcoming professionals going forward. Thanks to instructors and SIEC.

Kumar Mahismat, Academic exam

My name is Kumar Mahismat, here’s a glimpse of my journey with SIEC. I appeared for my Computer based Academic exam and cracked it with phenomenal score. Overall I scored 7.5 with L-8, R-8,S-7.5,W-7. I am thankful to ACCT-SIEC who helped me to understand concepts and gave me the necessary tips to crack the exam. I was able to overcome my flaws and improve my performance with the mock tests I gave at SIEC. I will definitely recommend SIEC to others who want to achieve great success. Thanks to SIEC team!!

Himanshu, Canada

My name is Himanshu, I attended an SIEC Education fair held at Connaught Place, New Delhi, where I met and consulted with SIEC agents regarding Canadian student visas and university application processes.. With the help of SIEC consultants I applied to pursue a Diploma at Conestoga College, Kitchener Campus in Ontario, Canada. SIEC has been extremely helpful in providng assistance from the very beginning of the application process, and with their continued support I managed to get my Canadian study visa within just a day.

Akshit Malhotra, Australia

Before undertaking the IELTS exam, I consulted with SIEC and managed to pass the IELTS exam successfully with their assistance. The SIEC consultant that helped me was very kind, helpful.. and trustworthy.Within 1 week of receiving my IELTS results they helped me to gather all my supporting documents and apply to study a nursing degree at the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia. After 15 days, I got my acceptance to Swinburne. 10 years ago, the SIEC team managed to help my brother as well in the same manner. I am very happy and excited to be heading to Australia to complete my higher studies.

Abhay, Singapore

Hi guys, my name is Abhay, I have applied to study a Bachelor of Commerce at Curtin University, Singapore. With the help of SIEC counselling and coaching, I have managed to secure a student visa to Singapore to follow my career aspirations. Thank you so much SIEC.

Ankit, Germany

My name is Ankit. I got my student visa to go to Berlin, Germany to pursue a language course, followed by a Bachelors in Computer Science. I found out about SIEC.. through a google search, and I visited the Janakpuri office. All the counsellors I encountered were very helpful and effective, and helped me in my visa and University application process. Due to their consistent support, both my visa application and university application processes were very smooth. They also prepared me to face my visa interview, which I managed to pass thanks to their help. I am very happy, thank you to SIEC. I would recommend anyone who wishes to study abroad to visit SIEC.

Raunak Sharma, USA

I got admission into the University of Minnesota in the US, with a $40,000 scholarship, which made me feel very excited and happy. My experience with SIEC was wonderful. They helped me at every step of the application process, to pursue my studies in the United States, as well as helped me to prepare for language exams like the SAT and the IELTS. SIEC helped me to shortlist the Universities, and even guided me in editing my SOP, university essays, as well as gathering letters of recommendation and other supporting documents. They prepared me to face the University interview through mock interviews and prepping me with frequently asked interview questions. At all times the entire SIEC was just a phone call away, and I never felt alone during the entire visa process. My heartfelt gratitude to the entire faculty and staff at SIEC.

Tarun, New Zealand

I have had extremely good experiences with SIEC, from the moment I got my offer letter to study a Master program at the Auckland University of Technology, right up until I got my New Zealand student visa. The whole process was very smooth and swift. The application process can be a bit difficult if you are trying to complete it by yourself, therefore I recommend that you go through SIEC, who in my opinion provides the best services for students looking to study overseas.

Sheoli, IELTS

My name is Sheoli, and I undertook IELTS coaching with SIEC for abour 15 days prior to sitting for the IELTS exam. With the continued support and guidance of my IELTS coaches, I managed to gain an overall band score of 8, with 8.5 for listening, 8.5 for reading, 7 for writing, and 7 for speaking. All the staff at SIEC was very supportive and provided constant guidance in every aspect. It is because of their help that I was able to achieve this score at the exam. I highly recommend SIEC for any student who is planning to sit for their IELTS exam.

Ruchika, TOEFL

Hello everyone, I am Ruchika. I completed TOEFL training with ACCT. All the lecturers are very highly educated, friendly, and conduct classes in an open and cooperative environment. My target was to achieve a score of 95, and after ACCT coaching, I managed to get an overall score of 99, with 22 for reading, 25 for writing, 27 for listening, and 24 for listening. I am very happy with my scores, and recommend all of you to join ACCT to complete your test preparations.

Lakshya Sharma, SAT Exam Prep

Hi, my name is Lakshya Sharma and I am an SAT aspirant. Before I approached SIEC for SAT exam prep, I visited many other education consultants. However, none of them were satisfactory enough. I chose SIEC because of the Cost-Effective Course Module, Tips and Tricks for exams, Experienced and supportive faculty, Free books and test materials, and free admissions counselling and guidance provided. After receiving coaching from SIEC, I feel very confident in successfully passing my SAT exam. I highly recommend any student sitting for the SAT to attend the SIEC test prep coaching.

Charu, PTE

I am Charu and I did PTE coaching through SIEC Ludhiana, and I scored overall 84/90. All the staff and trainers were very helpful and helped me learn all the PTE tips and tricks and strategies. I recommend that everyone enroll in PTE classes at SIEC before sitting for the actual exam.

Lord Varinder, GRE

After receiving GRE classes at SIEC, I managed to get a score of 325/350 at the GRE exam, and I am very happy and encourage each and every one of you to enrol at SIEC for GRE classes because they provide upto date study material, and the teaching methods are very good, as well as provide a great ambiance.

Surya, Canada

My name is Surya. I approached SIEC Janakpuri, Delhi in October 2019 regarding my study abroad options. I undertook the IELTS language exam after receiving coaching from SIEC, and scored an overall score of 6.5, with no band less than 6, and within two months of my initial visit to SIEC, I was able to secure a Canadian student visa to pursue studies at Niagara College, Canada. I recommend everyone who is watching this video to use SIEC for all your study abroad needs and consultations.

Harmanpreet Singh, GMAT

My name is Harmanpreet Singh. I attended GMAT coaching at SIEC Ludhiana Brach and managed to score 650 out of 800 in the final GMAT exam which was required to pursue studies in the US. I am extremely satisfied with their guidance in providing me with the appropriate study material, the coaching and the continuous support extended to me throughout. Thank you SIEC.

Anaksha, Canada

Hi, my name is Anaksha. I applied to study Business Marketing at Conestoga College, Canada. My entire journey was guided by SIEC consultants, who helped me with the whole process from beginning to end.

Diljot Singh, Canada

Hi, my name is Diljot Singh and I have applied for a Canadian Student visa through SIEC Education. Within 25 days of submitting my application I received a Canadian student visa. I am thrilled to have received my passport with the stamp of Canada.

Priyanshu Sharma , Germany

I applied to pursue language studies at BSI language school in Germany, followed by a Masters at the University of Applied Sciences in Schmalkalden, Germany. I got to know about SIEC through an online search. I was hesitant and not sure what to expect at first, however once I started talking to them and getting assistance and guidance from the SIEC team at the Janakpuri Branch, I realised that their services were unmatched. They give you assistance at each and every level and ensure you do not have any stress or anxiety in dealing with the whole application process. With their help I got my student visa within one month. If you want to excel your future, I recommend that you visit SIEC Janakpuri Branch.

Jasnoor, USA

I found out about SIEC through two of my friends who were already consulting with SIEC for Canada University admissions. They told me I can get help from SIEC for USA admissions as well, so I attended a World Education Fair held at the JW Marriott and met with SIEC consultants at the event. After speaking to SIEC I had made up my mind that I will apply to study in the USA through SIEC. My overall experience with SIEC is commendable. At every step of the way I got proper guidance, and I appreciate the mock interviews they conducted before I faced the actual interviews, which helped me learn and improve my mistakes before the real interview. They were always quick to respond to any emails or phone calls I made, which was one of the things I liked best about SIEC.

Sumit Sugandhi, New Zealand

My name is Sumit Sugandhi. I have recently obtained a student visa to pursue a degree at the Manukau Institute of Technology in New Zealand. Before I settled on SIEC, I had visited several other education consultants, but I was still very confused about the university and visa application process. Once I connected with SIEC I realized that they provided the best services and opportunities for students, with the clearest and easiest pathway for students aspiring to pursue higher studies overseas. Thank you SIEC.

Arusha, New Zealand

Hi, I am Arusha, and I have applied to pursue a Bachelor degree in New Zealand. Working with SIEC has been a really great experience. Before I came to SIEC I faced some issues with compiling the documentation for my application and was not provided with a proper list. With the help of the SIEC counsellors, I was able to gather all the correct documentation, and arrange everything in time and submit to the visa office to procure a student visa to follow my studies in New Zealand. I am very happy with SIEC services.

Husanpreet , TOEFL

I took TOEFL classes from ACCT Ludhiana branch and managed to score 82/90, which was my desired score. I am very satisfied with their teaching methods as well as all the staff. I recommend anyone who wants to study TOEFL and PTE to use ACCT.

Aditya Shabra, IELTS

I scored an overall score of 8 at the IELTS exam, and I am very grateful to the teaching staff at SIEC who have guided me through the process. They have helped me gain insights in my weaker areas, provided personalized sessions; through speaking modules, and listening modules, and provided me with teaching material which helped me to understand the base and structure of the IELTS exam, allowing me to pass the exam with flying colours.

Chitman, PTE

I undertook PTE training from ACCT and scored an overall 80/90. I must say that the staff here is very cooperative and provide us with great study material that will help students to secure a good score for the IELTS, as well as PTE. I would recommend anyone who is seeking high grades for IELTS or PTE to enrol in classes at ACCT.

Harpreet, German Language Training

The experience was good and they provided me the individual classes, the teachers were highly qualified and they helped me to learn in a easy way . and I highly recommend students to be here and learn from SIEC

Abhay, Canada

Hi, I am Abhay. 3 months ago, I applied to pursue studies in Canada through SIEC consultants, and today I have received a study visa and acceptance into Conestoga College to pursue a three-year Bachelor degree in Canada. A big thank you to SIEC for helping me get my Canadian study visa. The experience was good and they provided me the individual classes, the teachers were highly qualified and they helped me to learn in a easy way . and I highly recommend students to be here

Raman, Germany

I have been attending German language courses at SIEC for the past 3 months, and I really like the comforting atmosphere and the experience. I especially like that SIEC prioritize student needs and demands and provides individual attention to help each student’s areas of difficulty. I recommend SIEC to anyone who wants to pursue any kind of language course.

Ruchir, Canada

My name is Ruchir and I applied for a Candian study visa a month ago through SIEC Education consultants. Through diligent and helpful guidance by all SIEC team members, I got my visa to study in Canada, and will be leaving to Canada within a week. I had a great experience in working with and dealing with everyone in the SIEC team. Thank you.

Navya, Australia

I visited SIEC 4 months ago, and with the help of Saudamini Ma'am and Nidhi maam I managed to secure an Australian student visa to pursue higher studies at the University of Melbourne. It only took me 4 days of IELTS coaching with SIEC to achieve an overall band score of 8.5. Even securing the student visa was a quick and smooth process, and quite unbelievable. I would like to thank them profusely for all their help and recommend SIEC for anyone who needs support and guidance with their college applications.

Muskan, Australia

My name is Muskan and I visited SIEC almost 4 months ago. My experience with SIEC has been overall extremely satisfactory, and through SIEC I was able to obtain a student visa to pursue a Bachelor degree at Deakin University, Melbourne. When I initially came for a consultation I wanted to pursue a BBA, however, the consultants recommended that I do a Bachelor of Commerce instead, and I now agree that it was the right choice for me. When it comes to work ethics, the SIEC team is very professional in the way they handle and approach every client in unique ways, especially in the way they made a shy student like myself feel very comfortable and secure during the whole process.

Pranav, Australia

My name is Pranav, and I got accepted to study at the Western Sydney University in Sydney, Australia. SIEC helped me and guided me throughout the entire process, including preparing me through mock interviews, which really helped me a lot when I had to give the actual interview with the University. I am thankful to all the counsellors and advisors who helped me, and I am very impressed with the professional services offered, and the efficiency of the SIEC team. We are thankful for all the help and guidance provided and we are very satisfied with their work.