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Dubai Visa Guidelines

visa guideline

Is Dubai your perfect study abroad destination? Learn all about the Dubai student visa process with SIEC;

Steps to apply for a Study Visa-


Dubai Study Visa Requirements

  • a) Student visa in the United Arab Emirates is secured either by resident sponsoring the student or by an accredited University or College
  • b) The UAE government grants a 5-year visa to an outstanding student based on academic eligibility criteria such as –
    • 95% grade in higher secondary school or
    • graduate student with at least 3.75 GPA from any University

Receive a valid unconditional offer letter from recognized University or College in Dubai


Submit the visa application with supporting documents to the registrar’s department in person.

  • Unconditional offer letter.
  • Evidence of fee payment to the university.
  • Passport

Dubai Study Visa Application Fee:
AED 3,000* + AED 1,000* Deposits. (* Subject to Change)

* The list of documents might vary depending on each student’s course and qualification* Visit your nearest SIEC branch to know more about the list of documents and study visa application.


Undertake a mandatory medical test as a part of visa application


Purchase a compulsory health insurance

Note: Visa applications generally take seven to 7 days to process

For more details, schedule a free counselling session with the career experts at SIEC.

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