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Germany Admission Guidelines

Germany Admission Guidelines

Are you willing to apply for higher education in Germany? Read the guidelines below for a hassle free admission to German University.

  • 1.   The student requires higher education qualification or school leaving certificate, which confirms that the student is qualified to begin with University studies in Germany. The eligibility of a student's qualification can be checked on the website of DAAD and Anabin
  • 2.   Select the course/ program which matches the short-term and long-term educational and career goals. This would include the following:
    •   Level of Education such as Bachelor degree/ Master Degree/PhD.
    •   Field of Study, German universities are popular for courses in Engineering, Automobiles, Business &Management and Sciences
  • 3.   Choose your application intake,
    •   Summer Intake: March to September
    •   Winter Intake: October to March
  • 4.   Select the desired University based on:
    •   Type of University: Public/ Private
    •   International Recognition/ Accreditation: Check if the degree offered is recognized and accredited
    •   Fee Structure: Check the Tuition Fees and Semester Fees
    •   Public Universities: There is no tuition fee (apart from universities in Baden-Württemberg)
    •   Private Universities: Includes tuition fee in all private universities.
  • 5.   Entry Requirements in German universities:
    •   Academic Requirement: Check the minimum criteria for selection
    •   Credit Requirement: Check the minimum credits required
    •   Practical Experience: Check if any internship/ work experience/ on-job training is required
    •   Language Proficiency: Check the minimum English language proficiency and also if there is a requirement for the German Language
    •   Other Requirements: Check if GRE/ GMAT
  • 6.   Check for the University's application procedure and prepare all the documents as per the checklist.
    • a. On-time Submission: Submit before the deadline
    • b. Application Portal: Check if the application needs submitted via the university's portal or Uni-assist
    • c. Submission of Documents: Check if the documents need to be upload online only or hard copy submission is required
    • d. Application Fee: Check if there is an application fee, and make payment before deadlines
  • 7.   Documents Required: Apart from general academic documents, the applicant is also required to submit
    • a. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
    • b. Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
    • c. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

    For detailed assistance on the application, university and course, approach SIEC's career advisors in making the right choice.

  • 8.   Submit the application along with the required documents and wait for the offer letter
  • 9.   The student will receive a conditional or an unconditional offer letter.
    • In case of the conditional offer letter, meet all requirements of the offer letter and submit it along with fee payment
    • In case of an unconditional offer letter, proceed with payment of the enrollment fee
  • 10.   After receiving the unconditional offer letter, students need to respond with a letter of acceptance
  • 11.   The student will receive Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies(CAS)
  • 12.   Proceed for visa application
  • For detailed assistance on the application process, schedule a free counselling session with the career experts at SIEC.

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