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New Zealand Visa Guidelines

visa guideline

Are you preparing your application for New Zealand study visa? Here’s a step by step guide for you!

Steps for Application of New Zealand Study Visa-


Requirements for New Zealand’s study visa:

  • An offer letter from recognized education provider
  • Evidence of funds for:
    • Tuition fee
    • Accommodation & living expenses for a year approximately
      NZ$ 15,000
    • Return ticket to home
  • Passport
  • Medical Certificate & Police Verification Certificate
  • English Language Proficiency Test

Apply online for study visa at New Zealand High Commission’s (NZHC) website

New Zealand Study Visa Application fee: NZD 330*


Secure supporting documents for student visa application

*The list of documents might vary depending on each student’s course and qualification* Visit your nearest SIEC branch to know more about the list of documents


Complete the documentation and submit the visa application online on NZHC’s website


Qualify the mandatory telephonic interview


Complete the Fund Transfer Scheme (FTS) process for living expenses and pay the tuition fees


Submit the proof of successful payment of Tuition Fee and FTS to the New Zealand High Commission


Receive passport request for verification


Submit original passport along with processing charge to the TTS service for verification

Passport handling charge at Visa Center: NZD 15.8. (* Subject to Change)


Get your visa


  • It’s mandatory for students to purchase Health Cover prior to submission of Visa application
  • The student Visa Application takes approximately 2-3 months

For more details, schedule a free counselling session with the career experts at SIEC.

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